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November 10th, 2009 at 9:46 pm by under General Talk, The Rhode Show

By now, you may know I have a fondness for radio.  I spent almost 20 years of my life working behind the microphone and to this day, I still love being on the air or listening to someone else on the radio.  So you can imagine why my recent Rhode Show assignment was so exciting and comforting…because it felt like home.  I got to spend an hour on the air at 92 Pro-Fm….the same building I used to drive my Renault Le Car (remember that thing…looked like a roller-skate-actual size) to the studio to work with Salty and Larry on the AM dial, sometimes Jimmy Gray on the FM and we’re talking all the way back in the year 1985… (Were my competitors even born yet?)

Luckily, long after retiring from radio in 1999, the nice folks at Pro-Fm called to ask me to fill in every so often for Kim.  How fun to spend a day here or there with Gio and Wil, get my radio fix, and go back home to being a mom.  The weird thing about going back to Pro-Fm this time was that I finally got to meet the very talented Kim Zandi and I was truly a guest with a mission…I needed to promote myself (very awkward).. get their votes…so I decided to bribe them with some homemade ricotta cookies and it just may have worked.  I learned a few things about this morning team “off the air”, including the fact that they all have a sweet tooth!  See for yourself…

I do want to thank Gio, Kim and Wil for a very fun filled morning….and also thanks to Jessica who not only does the D-J thing at Pro-Fm,  but is a wonderful contributor to the Rhode Show.  She also got me to tell her a few things about myself…on camera…I can’t imagine where that footage might end up…stay tuned for that!  Meanwhile, I just took my old fashioned camera and got a great shot of all of us to put in my radio scrapbook…SMILE and say RHODE SHOW!

Left to Right:  Gio, Naomi, Will, Kim & Jessica

Left to Right: Gio, Naomi, Will, Kim & Jessica

OLD BLOG ARCHIVE: My first blog, on 2 hours sleep!

February 26th, 2009 at 9:57 am by under Entertainment, The Rhode Show

Well! As I type this it is 9:25 on Wednesday. To the left of me is my freshly re-heated Chelo’s steak-and-cheese wrap from last night (I haven’t been able to successfully eat in about 48 hours). To the right of me is my phone that at last check has (looks at phone) 61 unresponded to Facebook wall comments.

I am running on fumes and adrenaline right now…and I LOVE IT!!

Seriously, I need to give a sincere thank you to everyone who followed this contest. Myself, as well as Anaridis, Amy, Dan and Stephen, were so amazed and taken aback by the votes on the website and the support we received from our families, friends and viewers…this process was a long one…and if it wasn’t for your support we would have collapsed. Well…at least I would have!

And speaking of the rest of the competitors…let me tell you something…there could have been no better group of people assembled for this competition. Everyone was absolutely professional, classy, and we genuinely care about one another. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, this was anyone’s gig…it just happens that the un-luckiest person in the world had a lucky day! (I broke my foot when I was 12 by tripping on an eaten KFC corn-on-the-cob in the street…seriously…very very unlucky!)

It has been such a whirlwind since Tuesday night at 7:29 when Elizabeth Hopkins (who, may I mention, will ALSO be a co-host on The Rhode Show) called my name. I celebrated with my father and good friend Chris for a bit, then had to zip right back home…I was scheduled to be onair with Gio & Kim from 92 Pro FM the next morning! And getting to sleep was pretty much impossible.

Meeting with Gio & Kim & Will again was great! Had a blast! It seems as that Gio and Will have a little thing for Amy Diaz (how can you blame them?!)…I was up against not one but TWO incredibly attractive and talented women, so I can understand Gio and Will’s heartbreak. HAHA

Not to mention seeing Jessica again! Every time I see her, it seems as though she has planned another cruel and unusual punishment for me…this time it was trying to give my best Amy Diaz impression and catch a Dunkin Donuts munchkin in my mouth… Amy. You will forever have my respect. That is impossible!!

From there I shot over to the Fox Providence studios where I met with several people from the station (you know when you first start a new job, get introduced to 40 people, and realize you only remember 6 names? Yeah, that’d be me right now), signed my contract, and got to work with the crazy schedule ahead!

Everyone at the station is so excited to be bringing this show to Rhode Island…we need it! This is finally a show that will focus on all the great things our community has to offer! And (don’t tell Executive Producer Rebecca Johnson I said so but) YOU are a producer for us! If there is a restaurant we just HAVE to try, we’ll be there. If you know of an amazing local play, we’ll be on-stage with them…this is going to be THE MOST INTERACTIVE television show Rhode Island and Southern New England has ever seen!

Right here at is where you want to be! Live chats, exclusive videos, blogs! Did we say that recipe too fast on the air? No worries! The entire recipe will be here on the site!

I am an open book and would love to hear from all of you! Got ideas, questions, comments?! Think I should stop singing so loud while driving down 195? Please shoot me an email at (station email coming soon!)…or better yet, find me on MySpace or Facebook!

Thank you so much for EVERYTHING. I know how big of an opportunity this is for me personally, and I know how important this show will be to our community. I cannot wait to wake up with you each and every weekday morning starting this January on Fox Providence!

Shawn Tempesta