The 12 Days of Anticipation..On the Fifth Day

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dressed up for the holidays last year with my friend Sarah, my husband, and my friend Dawn

Last night I attended one of my favorite annual events, Brown University’s Annual Latin Carol Celebration.

the cover of the book they handed out to all who participated in the celebration



The building was packed full of people young and old, all of whom enjoyed the carols, readings, and the very talented organist.  One of the readers was Brown’s President,  Ruth Simmons.  The halls were decked, and everyone was dressed in festive outfits.




an example of the music - check out the latin!

Even if though I’m not particularly well versed in Latin, I gave the songs my best shot.  Luckily, they were all tunes that I was quite familiar with!

I hope you had a great start to your week as well :)

Shine On,



The Fun Doesn’t Stop

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All the ladies with a very happy Slick Nick!

What a day!  I can’t believe my time on the couch for the contest has come and gone, but I’ll tell you, it was AMAZING!  I feel like I’m in a dream – that was literally the greatest hour of my life (also probably the fastest hour of my life).  Everything I’ve gotten to do over the last month has been magical and I wouldn’t trade this chance for anything!  I hope you all thought I was the hostess with the mostess – I know I had an absolute blast!  I can’t wait to cheer on my fellow 5, I wish them all the best of luck!

Here I am at Cat Country 98.1 - bright and early!!

 As promised, I’m back to the blogging board :)

I figured, even though my official SFAS assignments are done for now, that doesn’t mean I can’t challenge myself to get a scoop!  Over the last month or so you viewers have been getting to know us, but I want to get to know you guys better – so, for the next few days, I’m going to poll the faithful Rhode Show followers, as well as some of my own friends, to find out some of your favorite things.

Since it ’tis the season – I wanted to go with a holiday theme, and I decided to start with some favorite things to do around here to get you into the holiday spirit! I hope you all saw Michaela’s piece on The Santa Run, happening this Saturday morning in New Bedford!  I asked people what some of their other favorites are, and here’s what they had to say!


A huge favorite for Rhode Islanders is Trinity Rep’s “A Christmas Carol”.  I know growing up in Rhode Island I used to go on a school field trip to see the show every year!  Personally I think it gets better and better, and it seems you guys agree!

Another ‘fan favorite’ performance is Festival Ballet’s “The Nutcracker”, which is going on this weekend at PPAC!  I have to admit, I am biased when it comes to this performance, as I danced with Festival Ballet for many years growing up!  They are such a great company, and the show is beautiful and fun for everyone year after year!

Something else people told me they love to do this time of year is an event the Top 5 get to partake in on Wednesday morning – Ice Skating!  Even if you’re a klutz, it’s tons of fun to slip and slide around the ice!  It’s a great date, a great family outing, and a great way to get some exercise!  One of the perks of going at Kennedy Plaza is, of course, the lovely view of downtown providence!

Lots of people suggested the Roger Williams Park Zoo to me!  Sadly, Santa already made his trips to the zoo this year (I really hope some of you got a chance to see him last weekend!) but it doesn’t mean the zoo isn’t a great place to visit this time of year!  There are candy-canes and wintery wonderlands set up all over the park – and, here’s a sneaky little secret, the animals are a lot more social when the weather is a little cooler, even they can’t deny the Christmas spirit!

One more bit of holiday fun around the corner – this one I didn’t even know about until people started telling me – is typically a summer favorite.  The city announced that on December 16th they’re doing a partial waterfire!  I don’t know if we’ll have any snow  – but I’m sure the river will look beautiful lit up on a Wintery night – I can’t think of a better reason to go out and enjoy the  atmosphere!  Providence has always reminded me of a Charles Dickens novel in the winter!


Those are just a few  ideas I got from you guys!  Now I want to hear even more!  What are your favorite things to do in RI during the holiday season!  And tomorrow, I want to write about favorite movies you watch this time of year, so fill me in on those as well!  Leave me some comments and messages, because this inquiring mind wants to know!!!!!

The 12 Days of Anticipation..On the Fourth Day

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My husband and I last year at Gillette cheering on the PATS

Happy Sunday Rhode Show World! (and happy win to the Patriots!)

I have been resting up all weekend, trying to shake this cold – and I think all of my hard work has been paying off!  Hopefully, if I keep getting better, I will be able to attend one of my favorite events of the year.   Brown University’s Classics Department will be hosting the 64th Annual Latin Carol Celebration tomorrow evening.  This popular event begins at 8:00 p.m. in the historic First Baptist Church in America, 75 North Main Street, Providence. Admission is free; street parking is available; the event lasts a little more than an hour; all are welcome.

What is the Annual Latin Carol Celebration you ask?  Here’s a little info from Brown’s website:

Every December, usually on the first Monday, the Department of Classics hosts its annual program of readings and songs in the spirit of the season, conducted entirely in Latin (with some readings in Greek and Sanskrit). (English translations of the readings will be provided for those whose spoken Latin may be a little rusty.)

Variously named, the Latin Carol Celebration has been held in several locations, but the format has remained remarkably the same. The audience sings carols in Latin, while members of the Brown University family read passages from ancient texts, some from the Bible, in the original languages or in Latin translation. Originally labeled a “Service,” more recently the term “Celebration” has been adopted, both because celebratio is more easily understood by the Latin-less and because the event was never intended primarily as a worship service.


I realized a few years back that very few people actually sing carols this time of year, and even though we hear them on the radio, live

community singing rarely happens.  This event is special because it is just that.  I do not know Latin, but try my best to read and sing along to the free pamphlet they pass out.  All of the tunes are very familiar me, like Deck the Halls, but instead there are Latin lyrics ….except for the Fa-la-las…those are the same!

If you find yourself free tomorrow evening, and in a seasonal mood – swing on by the big white church on college hill.  You won’t be disappointed!

Good luck to Sarah Robinowitz tomorrow morning :)


Til next time,





T – 24 Hours!!!!

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That’s my “I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself” face!

The nerves are definitely starting to set in a little bit – but I’m working with this adrenaline rush and going with the flow!  I am ready for the couch – and I hope the couch is ready for me!  I’m going to savor every last minute of my hour (especially the ‘food’ part – but that’s a given, of course).  Hopefully I’ll make you laugh, make you cry (in a good way!), and leave you wanting more (a year’s worth of more, to be exact) ;)

This top 5 journey has truly been the most incredible experience of my life.  Words cannot describe how grateful and honored I am to have been given this chance!  The fact that everyone here at the Rhode Show has believed in me has been such a gift – and I really hope I’ve made them proud.

The support I’ve gotten, not only from friends and family, but from people I have never met, has been incredible – and, no matter what, every moment of the last two months will be a moment I will treasure for the rest of my life.

I am also honored to be sharing this incredible journey with four other spectacular women

You ladies are fantastic!  I’m so happy to have met you, and I hope you’ve all enjoyed this experience as much as I have!

Even though I’m first up to host on Monday, don’t think you’ve seen the last of me in this contest – I’ll still be blogging up a storm, and I’m planning to get you all involved, too!  So stay tuned!

In the mean time – please, please, please tune into Cat Country 98.1 at 5:45 to hear me on the radio, and then watch me tomorrow morning, Monday, December 5th at 8 am on The Rhode Show!  RI channel 12 – and, for those of you not in Little Rhody, you can tune into and watch the show live from your computer!

See ya on the other side :)

<3 Sarah

The 12 Days of Anticipation..On the Third Day

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This weekend I am taking care of some little ones, puppies, and my sickie self.

Yes, sadly, I am still sick…..but I’ve made a new best friend – my local CVS pharmacist.  He has been wonderful, helpful, and didn’t mind that I walked in once wearing slippers! (L.L. Bean, not ruby)


I have a tiny obsession with CVS. I have often joked with my friends that if CVS sold clothing, I would most likely never shop anywhere else.  Granted, my clothing selection would be quite limited…but I would be one happy camper.



I believe my love for CVS dates back to my college days at URI.  The cashier there is a charming woman in her 60′s, who students have nicknamed Nonni.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to have your birthday cards, cough syrup, or candy bar cashed out by this amazing woman, do not fear!  You can live vicariously through the following article about “Nonni”

Nonni is so famous with the URI community that there is even a fan page for her!

She is a perfect example of a person who I would love to do a If the Shoe Fits story about for the Rhode Show.  She reminds me that every day, even days when I’m sick, can be excellent!


I hope you, too, are having an excellent ___!



Don’t Pinch Me

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As our amazing Top 5 journey begins to wind down I feel as if I’ve been dreaming this entire time, and it’s not even over!

This next week marks our last full week as “The Top 5″ and it’s our most exciting and jam packed week yet, so buckle up and come along for the ride.

Tuesday December 6th I will be making my CAT Country radio debut LIVE at 5:45 AM with Jess, Brian, and Amanda- which by the way this little country girl could NOT be more EXCITED about!!

 Then it’s off to WPRI to Co Host The Rhode Show! If you’re a loyal Rhode Show viewer you know that this will be my first time appearing on the big white couch and not in the kitchen!! So be sure to tune in at 8 AM to catch me chatting it up and debuting my last Top 5 assignment, Tera Travels, featuring Tavern 743 in Smithfield, RI.

And just when you think I’m done…..WRONG!!!

Wednesday December 7th I’ll be getting my ice skate on with none other than Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

We have been invited to The Bank of America Pavillion in Providence to learn a routine with two of Disney’s biggest stars! As a former Disney Princess, no really, this is going to be a blast.

Thursday December 8th will be my final test as that’s my interview with the King of WPRI Mr.Jay. I’m looking forward to chatting with him and learning exactly what the position will entail.

And for a big finale all 5 of us will be LIVE at Cardi’s assisting with their Toys for Tots drive on Monday December 12th.

Then later that night be sure to tune in to Fox Providence LIVE at 7:30 to see who will be crowned the newest Rhode Show Co Host.

Until Next Time, T

The big week!!!

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I have a feeling that I’m going to have a restless weekend – but I’m doing everything I can to prepare!  I’ve been practicing with my hair and make-up style tips to make sure I’m ready for the camera


I love my big, feathery hair, and my cat seems to, too :)


Monday morning I’ll be up bright and early to talk about myself and the show on Cat Contry 98.1!  I love to sing, but at 5:45am, I think even I’ll shy away from trying to impress people with my pipes…

Then it’s off to the station where I get to host the show at 8 am!   I’m doing everything I can to get ready and I’m beyond excited!  This is my dream, afterall!  I’ll also get to present my final assignment to you on the air “What I’ll bring to the Rhode Show”!  I can’t wait for you to see – I think I’ve done a good job, and I really hope you all agree!!

After hosting I get to relax, unwind, and have some fun with Mickey and Minnie mouse!  On Wednesday morning, December 7, we’re going skating with them at the Bank of America Pavilion at Kennedy Plaza – since they’ll be in town for the new Disney on Ice show, Mickey and Minnie’s Magical Journey, which will be at the Dunkin Donuts Center from December 28-January 1!

The last time I got to see the magical mouse duo, I was about 6 years old – so we have A LOT of catching up to do!  I also hope they can give me some pointers on how to look graceful on the ice during our routine, because I’m already a little worried I’ll spend most of the morning falling on my face – I hope not!

All of this fun leads up to the big day!  Monday, December 12!!!!! First we’ll be at Cardi’s in the morning to help out with their fantastic Toys for Tots drive!

And then it’s off to the new Jacky’s Waterplace, in Providence, for food, fun, and just that little announcement they’re making – the new Cohost to the Rhode Show ;)

I’m so, so, so excited for the week to come!  Right now I’m off to try and enjoy my weekend, and not get too ahead of myself in all the fun and excitement on my horizon!  Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

I’ll see you Monday morning, December 5th, at 8am on The Rhode Show!!!!!!!!

<3 Sarah

The 12 Days of Anticipation..On the Second Day

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Hope you're all staying warm!

Hope you're all staying warm!

I woke up on this frosty morning to some exceptional news!  Next Wednesday is going to be a very special day for me.  I’ll start off my morning by being interviewed by fellow URI alum, Amanda Leonardo, on Cat Country 98.1.  Next, I’ll head off to the station to co-host the Rhode Show (I can not wait!!).  Last, I’ll put on some warm gear and drive to the Bank of America City Center.



The top 5 Search for a Star contestants have been invited to do an ice skating routine with Mickey and Minnie Mouse!  I have actually never met the famous duo, and can’t wait to skate with them.





If you’re free on Wednesday from 11-noon, come on down to Kennedy Plaza and check us out!  I may not be the most graceful skater, but you’ll be sure to see a smile on my face :)





Catch Me If You Can

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In an effort to keep everyone as up to date as possible in our fantastic top 5 voyage I wanted to let you all in on our crazy amazing schedule for the final week of the Search For a Star Contest! First things first though, the moment we have ALL been waiting for, our chance to each individually co-host The Rhode Show for a day! I’m so excited, I have no idea how I’m going to make it to next Thursday! Although the contest is winding down and the final decision is about to be made, we are all still very hard at work, this week as you know we finished our last assignment, but the fun continues!!

This coming Wednesday we will be joining Mickey, Minnie and the rest of the Disney on Ice cast, to welcome their amazing show “Mickey & Minnie’s Magical Journey” to Providence. Their show will be at The Dunkin Donuts Center, but we have been invited to an on-ice experience with them at the Bank of America Skating Center!!! Guess I better brush off those ice skates!

The following day is December 8th, my day to co-host The Rhode Show, but my day will be starting early with an appearance on Cat Country 98.1 LIVE with Amanda Leonardo at 5:45 am! I can’t wait to meet everyone at Cat Country and tell all of the listeners about my Rhode Show adventures!! Maybe if they are lucky I will even sing them my favorite country song (just kidding, I  wouldn’t want to torture them haha).

We finish off the week with a final interview and then head into what I’m sure will be the longest weekend of my life until we find out the new co-host of The Rhode Show on Monday, December 12th at the new Jacky’s Waterplace in Providence. Overall it’s going to be an exciting, fun and fast-paced week, and I hope it goes as slow as possible because I don’t want this amazing ride to end!  Make sure you stay tuned, because I’m sure you don’t want to miss a beat!


A Girls Best Friend :) Makeup, Clothes, & Dunkin!

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Let me start off by apologizing for not blogging as much these past two weeks. I was a bit under the weather and lost my voice, so I’ve been resting. Luckily, I am feeling a lot better now. I still don’t have my voice back completely but almost.

The past two weeks have been crazy to say the least, but I am loving every minute! Last week the Top 5 finalists got to sit down with Stylist Jill Marinelli from JM Stylist. I am a girly girl so I was extremely excited to meet Jill and talk about one of my favorite things  CLOTHES! We learned the do’s and don’ts for what colors work in front of the camera! White = Marshmallow as Jill would say, so I’ll definitely be staying away from that. We also learned what body types we were, which was very helpful in order to learn what looks best on us and how to accentuate our best assets. I learned I have an hour glass body shape and also an inverted triangle ( I have those lovely broad shoulders haha) Jill was so helpful and super sweet and it was an absolute pleasure to have met her.

Next came the one thing I could not live without MAKEUP! Kirsten from Jolie Visage taught us all of the tips and tricks when applying makeup for television. As a former PAGEANT GIRL I was excited to hear that wearing a little more makeup was a good thing. HD television can be brutal, so looking you’re absolute best is a must!

Meet my new best friend :)

After our fabulous and fun makeup/styling meeting we were off to Dunkin Donuts to shoot a promo segment. I got to have my two fave things from Dunkin…Hot Chocolate and the NEW Cinnamon Swirl Muffin YUMMY! :)

Make sure to tune  on December 9 when I co-host The Rhode Show to see my Dunkin promo.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with their loved ones. I am so thankful for all of the amazing people I have in my life and very thankful to be one of the Top 5 finalists.