The 12 Days of Anticipation..On the Fourth Day

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My husband and I last year at Gillette cheering on the PATS

Happy Sunday Rhode Show World! (and happy win to the Patriots!)

I have been resting up all weekend, trying to shake this cold – and I think all of my hard work has been paying off!  Hopefully, if I keep getting better, I will be able to attend one of my favorite events of the year.   Brown University’s Classics Department will be hosting the 64th Annual Latin Carol Celebration tomorrow evening.  This popular event begins at 8:00 p.m. in the historic First Baptist Church in America, 75 North Main Street, Providence. Admission is free; street parking is available; the event lasts a little more than an hour; all are welcome.

What is the Annual Latin Carol Celebration you ask?  Here’s a little info from Brown’s website:

Every December, usually on the first Monday, the Department of Classics hosts its annual program of readings and songs in the spirit of the season, conducted entirely in Latin (with some readings in Greek and Sanskrit). (English translations of the readings will be provided for those whose spoken Latin may be a little rusty.)

Variously named, the Latin Carol Celebration has been held in several locations, but the format has remained remarkably the same. The audience sings carols in Latin, while members of the Brown University family read passages from ancient texts, some from the Bible, in the original languages or in Latin translation. Originally labeled a “Service,” more recently the term “Celebration” has been adopted, both because celebratio is more easily understood by the Latin-less and because the event was never intended primarily as a worship service.


I realized a few years back that very few people actually sing carols this time of year, and even though we hear them on the radio, live

community singing rarely happens.  This event is special because it is just that.  I do not know Latin, but try my best to read and sing along to the free pamphlet they pass out.  All of the tunes are very familiar me, like Deck the Halls, but instead there are Latin lyrics ….except for the Fa-la-las…those are the same!

If you find yourself free tomorrow evening, and in a seasonal mood – swing on by the big white church on college hill.  You won’t be disappointed!

Good luck to Sarah Robinowitz tomorrow morning :)


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